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The challenge – bigger and better crops!

In today’s world it is estimated that 1 billion people are going to bed hungry. The population is growing and with it the demand for sufficient supply of food.

Within the next four decades the population of the world will rise by about 30% and the demand for agricultural products is estimated to rise by 70%. Agricultural land is limited,  deforestation has to stop and there is a competition developing crops for food or biofuels.

The use of more chemical fertilizers and pesticides is certainly not a solution and water supplies are becoming more and more limited. The challenge remains to find more efficient and environmentally friendly measures to address these problems.

One possibility  to increase crops in an environmentally safe way are foliar nutrients like HERBAGREEN®.”

Foliar nutrients, like HERBAGREEN®,  are by far the most effective way to provide the plants with nutrients and trace elements. The nutrients are immediately  available and easily used by the plants.

Investigations by the University of Michigan showed that the up-take of nutrients through the leaves is about 10 to 100 times faster than through the roots. Nutrient imbalances can be quickly corrected by stimulating root up-take of macro nutrients.

Foliar nutrients correct deficiencies, strengthen weak or damaged crops and speed  up the growth of  strong  plants.

HERBAGREEN® is  a  100%  natural mineral product based on the patented tribomechanical activation of limestone.  Limestone particles (calcium carbonate 83)   from natural deposits with trace elements are treated and activated for HERBAGREEN® in a special technological feeding system, using high speed particle collision together with energy upload.             

HERBAGREEN® - Pure Mineral – non Toxic – non  Polluting!

Sprayed on to the leaves the activated micronized particles of HERBAGREEN® penetrate  through  the stomata (pores) into the leaves.

In the leaves the particles are split into CO2 (carbon dioxide) and CaO (calcium oxide) and MgO (magnesium oxide) which are immediately plant available.  

Effect: highly increased photosynthesis and stress resistance resulting in fast  growing healthy plants 


Powder the seed or moisten the seedlings with HERBAGREEN® prior to planting. Spray the plants  with a 0.2% dispersion (350g/Rai) after development of the first 3-4 leaves. Thereafter every 2-3 weeks with   0.2% to 0.3% dispersion


Photosynthesis is the most important process taking place in plants. This process is triggered by chlorophyll absorbing light  resulting in Carbon dioxide (CO2) plus water (H2O) being  converted to Carbohydrates and Oxygen (O2).

The required 0.1% of CO2 for photosynthesis is taken from the air but only 0.03 to 0.04% is actual available. 

From the diluted HERBAGREEN® uptaken by the plant, now the available CO2 increases to 0.065% resulting in signifinately higher photosynthesis.

 GENERAL RESULTS, valid for all cultures

Application of  HERBAGREEN®  results in:

shortening the vegetation period by up to 30%
increased yield (20% to 40%) in green houses even much more 

improved resistance against diseases
anti-fungal protection

reduction of problems with undesired insects

significant increase of biomass (BRIX)  in fruits and vegetables

longer storage life of fruits
improved organoleptic qualities and coloration

better taste
healthy seeds for the next crop.




The natural fertilizer   HERBAGREEN®   made of Calcite (CaMg)C03

is certified for use in organic growing.

In Europe certified as an ecological product

corresponding to the NFU44-001 standard for use in organic agriculture

in conformity with  CEE No. 2092/91 regulation of 24/7-91


HERBAGREEN®    has is no toxicity at all,  no health risk for the farmers and no burden on the environment.

Plants and farmers love HERBAGREEN®



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